Say adieu to paper invitation cards, and be part of We Grow Forest Foundation’s sustainable movement to create a digital invitation card. Share your event’s details, and we’ll create an everlasting memory in the form of a digital invitation card with the right template, font and colour, wordings, and a few wonderful images. We’ll also add links to your social media, photo-sharing apps, event location, event calendar, call buttons, live-streaming links, and many more…

Why notemy.date

Imagine your invitation card adapting itself to match the colour and theme of your special event! With notemy.date‘s wide range of useability, you can include the tiniest of details that otherwise are missed from a paper invitation card. notemy.date is the best solution for avoiding FOMO in today’s fast-moving world where the majority of events are organised, managed, and controlled digitally. You can opt for a notemy.date card for every occasion, from birthdays to weddings, announcements to retirement parties, and much more.

Enjoy the seamless digital experience

Notemy.date is the most economical customised digital invitation, which you can share infinitely during the timeshare with real-time updates. Make your clients, guests, and special ones feel at ease by checking venue locations, hotel accommodations, customised food preferences, gift shopping and so on, to name a few. Update your plan changes, weather updates, time adjustments or any change in real-time with notemy.date hassle-free. Once you are happy with the customised design, share invitations on social media and get connected seamlessly.


Design the perfect digital invitation for any occasion. Notemy.date is committed to delivering the most elegant digital invitation service. Say no to “traditional” printed invitations for beautiful digital invitation cards.


Hold your paper invitation card before having a look at notemy.date, and make your event shine!

  • Invite your guests – Via email, text messages & social media.
  • Impress your guests – With a beautiful animated experience.
  • Enjoy the extras – Add maps, call buttons, live streaming links, social media links, calendar links, photo links & many more..

Save Time, Save Trees, Save Money and add value to your moments!

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